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Our clients know that VR elicits a higher emotional and longer engagement period than traditional 2D media. LucidWeb has helped many prestigious broadcasters, online publishers and VR/AR agencies in removing the friction to access and experience immersive content.


Immersive Music

Mexico/United Kingdom

  • Industry Music Labels
  • Solution Immersive Music Video Player

LucidWeb aims at augmenting music videos beyond their melodic quality thanks to immersive visualisation. Porter (MX) collaborated with Satore Studio (UK) to translate “Arcade” into an immersive music video. The music video turns into VR experience once the headset browser is detected.

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Geneva International Film Festival


  • Industry Film Festival
  • Solution WebVR Gallery Player

To gain access to the virtual festival, professionals who are part of the program or interested in it, receive an individual and free accreditation. Once authenticated, the festival attendee has access to an immersive catalogue with more than 30 experiences — including Locus Solus from Christian Lemmerz, Black Bag from Qing Shao, The Pantheon of Queer Mythology from Enrique Agudo etc.- available for streaming across three devices, mobile, desktop and headset.

The “GIFF XR Media Library” offers the accredited professionals a safe opportunity to experience the film festival from the comfort of their home despite these extraordinary times. Everyone is invited to engage and connect, so no VR professional or enthusiast is left behind with a fear of missing out.

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Electric Africa

South Africa

  • Industry VR Festival
  • Solution WebVR Gallery Player

LucidWeb has partnered with the Electric Africa VR Festival. The festival is organised by Electric South, a South African non-profit based in Cape Town that offers support, funding, production and exhibition services to a network of artists across Africa. Young and new creators can explore their worlds through immersive, interactive stories in virtual and augmented reality as well as other digital media. 

The XR media library offered by Electric Africa does not require registration and is hence open to everyone, as long as the participants are based in Africa.

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  • Industry
  • Solution WebAR

In October 2020, LucidAREurope was launched in Brussels, an initiative created by the online EU news outlet Euractiv and the Belgian deep tech startup LucidWeb, as part of the Stars4media programme.

The initiative’s goal is to create a citizen engagement tool to debunk and demystify the European Union and its Institutions via Augmented Reality through the browser.

You can now ‘scan’ 11 buildings in Brussels & instantly get insights into the building’s contributions to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)!

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Scavenger hunt by NetApp

United States

  • Industry Event marketing
  • Solution WebAR

We worked together with Netapp to develop a scavenger hunt for a conference held in Barcelona. The WebAR experience is unlocked by markers that trigger an animated 3D visual that is instantly displayed on the phone screen. The scavenger hunt is a fully browser-based experience.

  • 60,000 attendees played the game across 3 days (X6 compared to native app)
  • 800 attendees went to the info desk to collect their price.

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Bourla Theatre


  • Industry Cultural Institutions
  • Solution WebVR

We have partnered up with AP Hogeschool Antwerpen to participate in the Open Heritage Day 2020. Together, we have made it possible to visit the renowned Bourla Theatre in Antwerp from the comfort of your home. The building has been named a protected building since 1938, and therefore is regarded among the most important historic buildings in Belgium!

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SENS VR by ARTE France


  • Industry Broadcasting
  • Solution WebVR

We worked with ARTE and Red Corner to make the first virtual reality game – inspired by a graphic novel – S.E.N.S VR, available in WebVR.  During 10 minutes the character created by Marc-Antoine Mathieu comes to life searching for something unknown in a meditative and almost surreal maze.

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Mama Congo by VRT


  • Industry Broadcasting
  • Solution WebVR

Rudi Vranckx, a well-known war journalist from VRT News (BE), interviewed 6 Congolese women in the context of the upcoming presidential elections. To bring the topic closer to the VRT audience, the interviews are available in WebVR, via desktop, smartphone and Oculus Go.

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360° training by CHU Nantes


  • Industry Healthcare/Training
  • Solution WebVR

We collaborated with Picseyes VR, a Paris based VR production studio to make 360° training courses available in WebVR and ready to be used by the Hospital of Nantes. The course can be accessed via desktop, smartphone and VR headsets.

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Wonen.tv by VRT


  • Industry Broadcasting
  • Solution WebVR

We collaborated with VR studio Cousteau and VRT to create a series of WebVR experiences supporting the online tv show Wonen.TV. The experiences include hotspots, animated with 2D video and audio. The experience is available via smartphone, desktop and VR headsets

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Kuba in 360

Cuba / Germany

  • Industry Tourism
  • Solution WebVR

LucidWeb has partnered with Berlin-based studio Into.VR to bring you a virtual ticket to Cuba from the couch in your living room.
Discover Havana, Trinidad, and Cuban cays on your own device and on your preferred browser. Available on any phone, desktop, or VR headset. On each location, you can choose one out of four hotspots that will take you to your next destination. Travel at your own pace.

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