WebVR is a JavaScript API that makes it possible to experience immersive, interactive, 3D and virtual reality content in the browser.


WebVR powered sites are available across mobile, desktop and VR headsets, provided that the browser that is being used to access the content, is WebVR enabled. You can find an up-to-date overview of current browser support here.


But what does the current browser support mean in terms of consumer devices available for consumers today? We guarentee that a distribution strategy including WebVR is the most ubiquitous boost of your VR content technically possible today. The following devices will become available in broadcasting your content:

From the mobile browser to the magic window to the VR mode

The objective of LucidWeb’s players is building a bridge between where the consumers are today, i.e. on their smartphones and where the content is stuck i.e mostly on native applications on VR headsets. Our number one priority is making the steps to access and enjoy VR as little and as intuitive as possible.

From the desktop browser to the magic window to the VR mode


The primary objective of LucidWeb’s players is making immersive content easily accessible, no matter which device you have at hand. Some viewers start the experience in a VR headset. Go to the device browser, confirm the WebVR URL, activate the VR goggles and done, just sit back and enjoy!

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