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LucidWeb identified a solution to digitise film (VR) festivals as well as VR festivals fully by creating a virtual library that can be made accessible to everyone, directly and instantly via the browser across desktop, mobile and the most popular VR headsets, all GDPR compliant.


After a successful first collaboration with the online publication VRrOOm for Venice VR 2019, LucidWeb has further developed its offering for VR festivals with a new, 100% fully virtual, “Festival Gallery” offering. 


LucidWeb is excited to introduce collaborations with two VR festivals who created a virtual festival space as an alternative, allowing the VR industry to continue pushing boundaries in VR storytelling amidst challenging times.

Decrease drop-off rate
Multiple access across devices
Reduce development time & costs

Geneva International Film Festival


  • Industry Film Festival
  • Solution WebVR Gallery Player

To gain access to the virtual festival, professionals who are part of the program or interested in it, receive an individual and free accreditation. Once authenticated, the festival attendee has access to an immersive catalogue with more than 30 experiences — including Locus Solus from Christian Lemmerz, Black Bag from Qing Shao, The Pantheon of Queer Mythology from Enrique Agudo etc.- available for streaming across three devices, mobile, desktop and headset.

The “GIFF XR Media Library” offers the accredited professionals a safe opportunity to experience the film festival from the comfort of their home despite these extraordinary times. Everyone is invited to engage and connect, so no VR professional or enthusiast is left behind with a fear of missing out.

Credits: T., by Adrián Regnier Chávez

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Electric Africa

South Africa

  • Industry VR Festival
  • Solution WebVR Gallery Player

LucidWeb has partnered with the Electric Africa VR Festival. The festival is organised by Electric South, a South African non-profit based in Cape Town that offers support, funding, production and exhibition services to a network of artists across Africa. Young and new creators can explore their worlds through immersive, interactive stories in virtual and augmented reality as well as other digital media. 

The XR media library offered by Electric Africa does not require registration and is hence open to everyone, as long as the participants are based in Africa.

Credits: Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir in VR, by Ainslee Alem Robson

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Lucidweb pro

LucidWeb Pro is a white-labelled distribution platform for XR experiences (using 360° video/VR/AR/3D models), made available as a Software-as-a-Service solution. Based on a monthly licensing fee, clients can upload, edit and publish their immersive stories on mobile, desktop and XR headsets via one URL.

Lucidweb pro


Allow professionals to discover VR from their homes

Update Gallery design & content for next year’s edition

Available on desktop, mobile & VR headset with WebVR browser

Device synchronisation using same WIFI

Adaptive streaming to ensure the highest quality


We are a team of WebXR experts focused on democratising VR experiences to global audiences. Working with the largest public broadcasters, we have optimised our tech to reach everyone instantly. To do so, we have developed a platform that makes the editing and distribution of immersive experiences easier & accessible.

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