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lndustry Expertise, Consulting & Strategy

LucidWeb can easily respond to all your questions related to VR, AR and MR. We will advise in making use of these emerging technologies to bring your content to your the audience in the most accessible and convenient way.

Through past dedicated VR/AR/MR workshops, we have helped content creators and publishers bring to life innovative projects by leveraging their artwork/IP in transmedia storytelling.

Custom WebVR/AR Development & Implementation

Would you like to embed a VR player on your website? Want to have your 360° content available on desktop and mobile as well as on the most popular VR headsets? Need to add immersive text and images, audio or video to a VR experience?

We can help. LucidWeb has the resources to develop and implement the right solution for you.

Get the LucidWeb player

LUCIDWEB PRO: Device-agnostic Publishing Platform

In close collaboration with media companies and enterprises across Europe, LucidWeb has developed a user-friendly, cross-platform web player designed for a truly immersive and high quality experience. Conveniently and directly accessible from any device, no download or installation required.

The player comes with a powerful CMS that enables the publisher to easily upload, manage (add a script, hotspots, spatialized audio, multiplayer setup), publish (incl. branding options) and analyse the VR experiences (e.g via heat maps). Email us if you would like to join our closed beta for the player.



Leen SEGERS - Founder

Leen has been building companies in technology and media for ten years. From evangelising social media to monetising online video, she has a successful track record in generating business growth and maximising profits.

Since then she has experienced the front lines of the startup world. In 2014 she joined as the COO of the premier media startup, covering in-depth the vast European technology sector. In 2016, convinced that the future of mobile video will be virtual, she co-founded LucidWeb.

Fabien BENETOU - Tech Wizard

Making virtual worlds real, one pixel at a time! As an engineer with a strong expertise in WebVR, Fabien has anchored himself within the Mozilla Aframe commmunity. He is dedicated to finding the most efficient interfaces for creating, distributing and viewing VR/AR content on the Web.

For last three years, he has concentrated his attention to building custom VR experiences for startups as well as for Fortune 500 companies, gaining strong experience and expertise in the WebXR segment.

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